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Kieron Pollard died news rumours fake? cricket news,

West Indies player Kieron Pollard died news and rumours fake?
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West Indies captain Kieron Pollard is dead. The Indian Premier League (IPL) defending champions, the Mumbai Indians (MI) vice-captain, have been rumored to be dead after a car accident. 
Kierann Pollard himself was horrified when news spread that he was dead. Because Pollard is nothing. He plays captain of the Deccan Gladiators in the Abu Dhabi T10 League. 
Fake media outlets of distraction and distortion news in India. 
YouTubee channels, in particular, have occasionally made headlines and news. 
This News on the social network was viral as Pollard, 33, died in a car accident. Sooner or later it will be false news. 
Meanwhile, the news spread on the social networking site. 
Popee Pollard looks to have won 6 wickets against Team Abu Dhabi on Friday (January 29) against the Deccan Gladiators.
This news is completely fake prove Kieron Pollard  some rumours from fake website and youtube channels and Facebook Page.

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